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Meet The Band

Jorge Briones

Jorge originally started out his music career as a drummer, playing drums since he was 8 years old. Forming his first band in high school and continuing to perform as a drummer for a number of years he decided that it was time to step out front and try his hand at singing. Since those early days Jorge has performed with several bands including, Silent Chaos, Bedrock and Mach V. He has toured and has been signed to recording contracts but in his words “never got rich or famous”. Some of the places he has performed at include the Long Beach Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, San Jose’s Municipal Stadium and numerous clubs and festivals throughout the United States.
After taking a break from music in the 2000’s Jorge was drawn back in for a 20 year reunion with Silent Chaos in 2009 where he teamed up with Dave Kester on bass. After another couple of years away from the stage to focus on business Jorge was lured back by the prospect of forming a tribute band that would become Steel Horse. Recruiting and convincing Dave to be his Richie Sambora was the first step and from there the band formed fairly quickly.
Being out front as the “ring leader” as he likes to call it is where Jorge is most at ease. His goal for every show is to make sure that everyone that sees the band gets a great show. He’s known to say during shows that if you don’t like Bon Jovi he guarantee’s that you will be singing before the set is done. He’s usually right on that one!

Forest Wilson

Forest has been playing music of various styles and singing since he was five years of age. Hailing from a diverse musical family, Forest enjoys performing, writing and engineering recordings and is co-founder and engineer at the Tool Shed Studios in Morgan Hill California. His career in the music industry spans over twenty years and in 2015 he was credited on the Grammy winning album "Realidades" by Los Tigres del Norte. Forest graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1999 with a degree in Music Production and Engineering and he's currently a Lead Software Test Engineer at Universal Audio. When Jorge asked Forest to join Steel Horse in 2012, he was excited at the opportunity to be a part of this very talented group of musicians with a passion for creating a fantastic live experience for the audience.

Martin Stanko

Originally a farm boy from just outside the Heart of Rock-N- Roll, Cleveland, Ohio. Martin's musical roots lie firmly in Rock and Country. Handed his first album at 5 years old, Def Leppard’s Pyromania. Martin spun it on his Fisher Price record player while banging along on his parent's old upright piano. Martin fell in love with the synth and becoming no stranger to the stage, he performed all through high school and college in various pop, garage rock and country bands.
Arriving in California around 2004, Martin's talents were quickly recognized and he began performing with local country band Tailgate and doing several other independent projects and performances with local Bay Area musicians over the years.
Then came that fateful day when Martin and Scott were talking at a mutual friend's house and talk turned to music. Scott mentioned that his band was in need of a new keyboardist and . . . Martin thought "Raise Your Hands", then he showed up at a rehearsal and said "Keep The Faith" boys, "I'll Be There For You". Now he’s rockin' the keys for Steel Horse!!

Tut Tutko

Tut started drumming at the age of 10 and had his first paying gig at the age of 14 playing jazz with his mom at the Silver Fox nightclub in Cupertino. In school he joined every musical class he could, including symphony, marching band, jazz choir, and his favorite, big band jazz. Tut’s drumming hero is Buddy Rich, who he saw play at every opportunity.
Tut has played in a number of bands in the Bay Area and Sacramento area and recorded several studio albums with Hear is Here, Waxworks, and Orange Sunshine Superman. In 1990, he took a hiatus from drums and started an AC/DC tribute band called Long Gon Bon. Known for his high energy and wild stage antics, like gulping down pitchers of beer on stage, Tut is well known in the Bay Area music scene, performing Bone Bash at Shoreline Amphitheater and Music in the Park in downtown San Jose. After 31 years, Long Gon Bon is still going strong!
In addition to Long Gon Bon, Tut also played bass guitar with The Dropouts and The Shag. Throughout his multiple musical endeavors Tut would always revert back to his first true love, drums.